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piattaforma venezia

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Urban planning




Francesco Zanon, Andrea Pennisi, Studio D+Z, studio Oblò architetti, Agence AATA, Stefano Imperi, ANCE Venezia Giovani


Piattaforma Venezia


The theme is about the development of a complex and articulate anthropic system.

Acting in accordance with the theory of decoupling and starting from the use of water source, the research involves all the resources of our territory, such as intellectual and industrial, technological and artistic ones, aimed to find how to improve the sea resources and to respond to the future scenarios coming out of climate change.


The realization of a floating residential or hotel cell prototype will be the opportunity to show an entire territorial production system, including the sectors of tourism, and construction, of design and art industry as well as the agro- industrial sector. This floating cell is aimed at a cultured tourism, wherein the people are willing to plan a visit the “territories”.  It is through the visiting of the cities as well as exploring landscapes (i.e. agricultural production system) that people become consumers of those local systems (food, textile, clothes, design objects and so on). It is always visiting the cities that people wonder about how to live those spaces.

If tourists take on this, then it is possible to realize an entire floating urban system and design the new lagoon landscapes.


The goal of this project is to realize a floating housing cell, integrated with other specialized artificial islands, to create a complex floating system.

One of the possible technical approach to achieve cell-type is the floating foundations that, by exploiting the Archimedes’ theory, remain afloat as any boat. The cell will be energy self-sufficient by using sources of alternative and renewable energy, as well as it will be designed in compliance with the rules of both Kyoto’s Treaty and protocol of sustainable construction. Designers and producers will design the cell type’s interior furniture.

A system of floating ‘islands’, specialized in food production, will surround the cell type to create a self-sufficient system.

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